Curriculum Vitae

Prizes and Awards

2021: Winner of Res Publica’s Post Graduate Paper Contest for the paper “An Indirect Argument for the Access Theory of Privacy.”


1. Mainz, J. Uhrenfeldt, R. “Privacy Rights, and Why Negative Control is Not aDead End: Reply to Munch and Lundgren.” Res Publica. Forthcoming.

 2. Mainz, J. “An Indirect Argument for the Access Theory of Privacy.” Res Publica.Forthcoming. (Winner of the Post Graduate Paper Prize)
3. Mainz, J. Sønderholm, J. Uhrenfeldt, R. 2021. “Big Data Analytics and How toBuy an Election.” Public Affairs Quarterly. 35(2): 119-139.

4. Mainz, J. “Are Markets in Personal Information Morally Permissible?” Journal ofInformation Ethics. Forthcoming.
5. Mainz, J. 2021. “But Anyone Can Mix Their Labor: A Reply to Cheneval.”Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy. 24(2): 276-285.

 6. Mainz, J. Uhrenfeldt, R. 2021. “Too Much Info: Data Surveillance and Reasons to Favor the Control Account of the Right to Privacy.” Res Publica. 27(2): 287-302.

 7. Mainz, J. 2020. “Review: Lisa Herzog’s ‘Just Financial Markets’.” Journal ofMoral Philosophy. 17(2): 257-260.

 8. Mainz, J. Sønderholm, J. “Why Some Defenders of Positive Duties Serve a BadTheoretical Cocktail.” Journal of Global Ethics. Forthcoming.

2018- : PhD, Applied Philosophy, Aalborg University

2016-2018: MA in Applied Philosophy, Aalborg University

2013-2016: BA in Applied Philosophy, Aalborg University

 2021- :  Postdoctoral Fellow, Aarhus University
2018-: PhD student at Center for Applied Philosophy, Aalborg University

2018-2019: Industrial PhD at Seluxit A/S

Research Areas

AOS: Ethics of AI; Data Ethics; Privacy

AOC: Political Philosophy; Applied Ethics; Philosophy of Science; Formal Logic

Academic Presentations

2020: “Ethics of Privacy.” University of Amsterdam.

2020: “Data Ethics and Predictive Algorithms.” Aalborg University

2019: “Why Some Defenders of Positive Duties Serve a Bad Theoretical Cocktail.” Nanyang Technical University, Singapore.

2019: “In Defense of Epistocracy.” Dansk Filosofisk Selskab.

2019: “Ethics of Privacy.” Videnskabsmødet.

2019: “Are Markets in Personal Information Morally Permissible?” Nanyang Technical University, Singapore.

2018: “Why not Epistocracy?” Dansk Filosofisk Selskab.

2018: “Data Surveillance and Privacy.” Aalborg University

Teaching Experience
BA course in Ethics of Privacy (Amsterdam University): 
- S2020

BA course in Formal Logic (Aalborg University): 
- F2021 
- F2020
- F2019
-  F2018
- F2017

BA course in Argumentation Theory (Aalborg University):
- S2021
-  S2020
- S2019 

BA course in Philosophy of Science (Aalborg University):
 - F2021
 - F2020
- F2019
- F2018

 MA course in Political and Economic Philosophy (Aalborg University): 
- S2020
- S2019

 “MOOC” in Formal Logic (Aalborg University): 
- S2019

BA course in Political Theory (Politics and Administration, Aalborg University)
- F2015
 - F2016 
- F2017

Research Stays
2020: Visiting PhD Student, Philosophy Department at University of Amsterdam (Host: Beate Rössler)