Jakob Mainz

My primary research interests include:
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

  • Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

  • Privacy theory

  • Decisional algorithms

  • Medical Artificial Intelligence

  • Information ethics

Here's a list of my recent research papers:
  1. Mainz, Jakob. Rasmus Uhrenfeldt. 2021. Too Much Info: Data Surveillance and Reasons to Favor the Control Account of the Right to Privacy. Res Publica. 27(2): 287-302. LINK

  2. Mainz, Jakob. Rasmus Uhrenfeldt. Privacy Rights, and Why Negative Control is Not a Dead End: A Reply to Munch and Lundgren. Res Publica. Forthcoming. LINK

  3. Mainz, Jakob. 2021. An Indirect Argument for the Access Theory of Privacy. Res Publica. Forthcoming. (Winner of Res Publica’s Post Graduate Paper Prize, 2021). LINK

  4. Mainz, Jakob. 2021. But Anyone Can Mix Their Labor: A Reply to Cheneval. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy. 24(2): 276-285. LINK

  5. Mainz, Jakob. Inferences and the Right to Privacy. Draft.

  6. Mainz, Jakob. Rasmus Uhrenfeldt. Jørn Sønderholm. 2021. Big Data Analytics and How to Buy an Election. Public Affairs Quarterly. 35(2): 119-139. LINK

  7. Mainz, Jakob. 2021. Are Markets in Personal Information Morally Permissible? Journal of Information Ethics. Forthcoming.

  8. Mainz, Jakob. Jørn Sønderholm. Why Some Defenders of Positive Duties Serve a Bad Theoretical Cocktail. Journal of Global Ethics. Online first. LINK

  9. Mainz, Jakob. Lauritz Munch. To Believe, or not to Believe – That is Not the (Only) Question: A Hybrid View of Privacy. Draft.

  10. Mainz, Jakob. Who Cares If We Can Trust Medical AI? Draft.

  11. Mainz, Jakob. Normative and Descriptive Theories of Privacy: How to Solve the Parent/Macnish Dilemma. Draft.

  12. Mainz, Jakob. Jørn Sønderholm. Driving it Home: Why Busing Electors to the Polling Station on Election Day is an Instance of Paying People to Vote. Draft.

  13. Mainz, Jakob. 2020. Review: Just Financial Markets? Finance in a Just Society – Written by Lisa Herzog. Journal of Moral Philosophy. 17(2): 257-260. LINK

  14. Mainz, Jakob. Rasmus Uhrenfeldt. Not So Secret After All: How Big Data Threatens the Secret Ballot and What (not) to do About It. Draft.

  15. Mainz, Jakob. David Paaske. Polluters Pay Principle and the All Affected Principle. Draft.